Marketing for health clinics

Medical Clinic Marketing - Mailchimp Support

When Pulmonary Wellness New York’s premiere clinic for cardiopulmonary physical therapy needed a way to frequently reach their patients they enlisted That British Chick Marketing Agency for mailchimp support and strategy!

Servicing hundreds of patients in clinic, and through their online program we designed a mailchimp automation campaign to support their needs.

Mailchimp Marketing services provided,

✅ Segmenting and organizing audiences with Mailchimp’s “Tag” feature

✅ Mailchimp Welcome Email Design

✅ MailChimp Trigger and fire schedule for drip campaign

✅ Mailchimp pop up form

Through our mailchimp support and mailchimp marketing Pulmonary Wellness enjoyed,

  • A 71% Open rate

  • A 35% Click Through Rate

  • A 20% subscriber list growth rate

What is Mailchimp?

  • Mailchimp is a third party software platform used for building e-campaigns, newsletters, and automated email messaging.

  • The Mailchimp Basic Plan is Free

  • Mailchimp can be integrated with other software like hubspot, zapier and more.