PacJoy - Simply Snorkel Influencer Program

PacJoy - Simply Snorkel Influencer Program


Simply Snorkel Influencer program!

You are a star! Thank you so much for participating in our Amazon Review collaboration with Simply Snorkel. Here are the instructions.

1. Submit your information using the link below.

BEFORE the deadline which is March 16th /2018.

2. You will receive a Digital Amazon Gift Card via EMAIL.

3. Use the Amazon Gift Card to purchase your snorkel. You can pick any color or size.


3. Once your snorkel arrives we will send a follow up email with a link to REVIEW your snorkel mask.

4. Here's the corporate fine print. You understand you are accepting a Amazon Digital Card / Snorkel Mask in exchange for an honest Amazon Verified review. You also give PacJoy the permission to use your review in their marketing campaigns.

5. Here's my fine print. Influencer programs are run on trust. You have been selected to participate in this campaign based on the trust I have in you. Please stay ethical and wise in the participation of this campaign. Influencers who do not complete campaigns will no longer be eligible for further programs. (And I will cry)