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Life Journey

To the person that is reading this thank you for your time, I know it's Valuable. I don't call this a resume because after 15 years in America my work and life experience has been a Journey, and for this out of the box, triangle living in a square world a resume, it just doesn't work. 

I have a B.A degree from a high profile arts school in Liverpool England where I studied Dance and Business.

Somewhere in the 2000's I moved to America, I loved photography and spent a good deal of time jumbling around doing odd jobs until I found an internship at a Photo Agency.

They hired me as an intern and I quickly moved up the chain from fetching coffee, and shlepping to castings, to eventually working as a photo producer at an Advertising Agency called Laird & Partners. (The Gap, Coty Fragrances)

In 2010 I left the agency and founded my own photography production company, and signed a lease on a 5,000 sq ft office, only to realize - oops, not a good time to open a business. I had to think on my feet and quickly realized that the studio rental business might save my bacon, because at the time the industry went boom and production was dead. 

Over the next 7 years I opened and closed 4 different locations in New York, all production studios with an event space component. (I found the locations, project managed the build outs and ran the operations of each location.)

In September of 2017 I closed the two event spaces that I had left, and took a "day" job as an operations manager at a Television Branding Agency. 

I made it 6 months, pretty proud of myself, but after spending so much time working independently I realized that working in a traditional 9-5 environment just wasn't a fit for me. 

I thrive when I'm learning new skills, nurturing and creating ideas, and taking projects from start to finish.

I respect transparency, honesty, and ethics.

After I left the branding agency, I promised myself that I would set a criteria for the people that I chose to work with and the type of work that I'm involved in

I ONLY work with people that have the same values, and I only accept working on projects that I know I can really contribute to and also grow from. Which is why I opened my 'lil shop "That British Chick".

I don't need the biggest baddest brand jobs to be happy, and I've been around the razzle dazzle and it's just not that important to me anymore.

I like helping people, and working on projects that are interesting and compelling.

That's what makes me feel fulfilled and successful.

Since I've adopted this mantra, the world has been putting me in front of the most amazing people, and I have THE BEST clients. 

My current clients are in,  health and wellness, publishing, lgbt, online retail, and fashion. 

I am also a hugger, and am very into this emoji 👉 

I've listed below my technical skills and platforms I'm saavy on for reference, if you'd like to see something more formal you can also visit me on LINKEDIn.

Platforms, *Hubspot  *Mailchimp   *GoogleSuite   *Shopify   *AdobeCS   *Buffer   *Canva   *Meet Edgar *FaceBook  *Instagram   *LinkedIn   *Twitter  *Pinterest  *Tweetdeck  *HootSuite  *Tailwind *Wordpress *Sendible *Eventbrite *Leadpages *Squarespace *Facebook Ads *Twitter Ads *Promoted Pins