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THE TELEPHONE (Yes really!)




Laura Little Hoot Suite Certified

A Nice thing Will at Google Said about Laura...




A nice thing Tim at CBRE Said about Laura..



It’s rare to meet someone like Laura, it’s not often the case that a true artist can be both creative, visionary and inspiring, yet business, project and goal orientated. Laura has the unique ability to marry all aspects of the process together, without compromising any component, which makes her an exceptionally valuable talent any person could wish to work with.
— Will Eagle Brand Strategy Consultant - Google
I had the pleasure of working with Laura as she opened the first of her two event spaces in New York. Laura is an incredibly energetic, intelligent, self motivated person with a never-stop work ethic. It’s hard not to smile while working with Laura. She understands how a business runs from top to bottom and is a fantastic member of a team whether in a leading or supporting role. I would expect Laura to succeed and add exceptional value in any creative situation. Every company could use someone like Laura!
— Timothy Freydberg - CBRE Global Brokerage