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How to Rock your Business Facebook Page

🎓 Online LESSON Duration 15 minutes

🎓 Practical Application ✅ Homework ✅

A Facebook business page is the ultimate marketing tool, and what's the best thing? It's FREE.

In this social media free online class, students will learn how to create a Facebook Page for their Business!

We'll cover the fundamentals of a Facebook Business page, such as adding a post, gathering likes, and adding your business story to your page. 

This is a class for Facebook beginners or anyone that is thinking of starting a Facebook Business Page.

👉🏽 Before you start this class I recommend, you consider writing your Business "Story" first, a small description about your business. 

👉🏽 Have your logo/profile photo available, as well as 2 banner size images that represent your business available.

👉🏽 No photos? Don't worry, I've created a list of links where you can grab really nice royalty free images! 👉🏽 Free Stock Photography

👉🏽Here's a cheat sheet for referencing sizing on Facebook! 

🍎 Homework 🍎

Create your Facebook Page and submit it for my review and feedback on Lola’s Ice Cream Store🍦

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