Life lessons from Freelancing Rabbits.

Knowing when to hop away.

Inspired by a true story. Written by Laura Little, illustrated by Jana Fak

Once upon a time, there was a sweet rabbit, who was a very very clever rabbit.

One day she was bouncing through town and she saw a sign on a shop door that said 'farmer needs help digging holes to find carrots".

This little rabbit thought "well now I could do that! I'm a rabbit, I know how to dig holes".

So she went inside to meet the farmer and tell him that she could do the job.

"Mr farmer! I'm a rabbit and I was built for digging holes and finding carrots! I've been doing this all my life, and I know exactly what to do!".

The farmer leaned down to the rabbit and said,

"well miss rabbit, before I hire you for the job, your going to have to TELL ME everything about how to dig the best hole. I want to know everything you know about digging holes! Let's say it was raining outside, what's the best way to dig a hole in the rain, how would you do it?"

Now just as the little rabbit was about to answer she spied a fox sitting in the corner, his ears standing high, listening intently.

She looked at the farmer, and at the fox, and even though she was just a little rabbit her mind was racing.

If she were to tell the farmer how to dig a perfect hole in the rain, and the fox was listening, the farmer could just hire the fox or anyone else he picked because he would know the answer to his question, FOR FREE!

This just seemed very unfair to the little rabbit, surely it was enough that the farmer could see that a rabbit, after all, was a rabbit. Everyone knows that rabbits can dig holes!!

The rabbit closed her eyes, what to do, what to do? She REALLY wanted to work for the farmer, digging holes was what she loved, but she did not want to get eaten by the fox, or help this farmer without reward!

It was a tough choice for this little rabbit, but she knew what she had to do. She replied to the farmer,

"Mr farmer, I must be going now, you see if I were to tell you all my hole digging strategies, then you would have no more reason to hire me and pay me for my hole digging, even though I'm a silly little rabbit, I'm a CLEVER little rabbit, and I've seen a sign from the farm across the way, that's offering 10 pieces of chocolate for 1 hour of hole digging advice, so I must go!"

The rabbit left the store feeling quite, quite happy, and determined to tell all the other rabbits about the farmer and his fox!

The end.

Life lessons from freelancing rabbits is inspired by the stories and workplace happenings of real life women in real life work situations. It is important to understand the VALUE of your worth from any side of the rabbit fence.

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Laura Little is a Social Media expert and the owner of β€œThat British Chick” Social Media Creative Agency. Focused on helping startups and brands with creative ideas and strategy, Laura is a specialist at connecting people and prides herself on building ethical long-lasting relationships.