Free Stock Photography Websites to Love ❤️

Photo by Phong  Nguyen from  Pexels

Photo by Phong  Nguyen from Pexels

If you’re creating any kind of content for Social Media use, and you hate cheesy stock photography as much as I do, you are going to love this handy list of license free photography websites.

I can’t promise that every image falls under copyright fair use, so make sure you read each website’s fine print and attribution requirements before you post.


I LOVE this site, -- quality imagery with a strong lifestyle vibe. Even cooler is once you select an image to use you can still send props to the photographer/image creator by donating via paypal, tweeting thank you, or following them on Instagram. They also give you the attribution information easily!  #Spreadthelove

Photo by  averie woodard  on  Unsplash


With over 31.8K photos in their ‘people’ category alone, Unsplash is pretty awesome.

As with Pexels, they make crediting the photographer extremely simple with a copy button.

Create your own collections of images for later reference and view the heart icon at the top of each photograph to gauge popularity.

Photo by Kaboom Pics

Photo by Kaboom Pics

Kaboom Pics

Anyone who is into stylish, well-curated photography will appreciate Kaboom Pics.

Photographs by  Kaboom Pics

Photographs by Kaboom Pics

There is a nice range of photographs broken down into easy categories such as “Nature” “Urban,” “Technology,” and the ‘search by color’ function is different and surprising. It’s VERY useful if you’re working with brand colors or have a color palette that needs adhering to.

I randomly searched for ‘coffee’ and ‘yellow,’ and it did a pretty good job.

Photography found on  New Old Pics

Photography found on New Old Pics

New Old pics

If you’re searching for something from the past or with a retro vibe, or you are just a photophile, then you have to discover New Old Pics. A wonderful archive of American vintage photos, they are simply beautiful.


Whether you’re a social media manager, photo editor, graphic designer, or just looking for some inspiration, now you can say goodbye to the terror of stock photography and hello to chic and cool!

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Photography found on  New Old Pics

Photography found on New Old Pics