The Book of All Lovers

When author Bruno Ribeiro decided to self publish his first poetry novel he came to That British Chick to create a social media plan to drive book sales and author awareness.

Using a combination of paid social advertising, graphic design, and engaging giveaways That British Chick increased awareness of the book, author and sales.

Services provided,

Social Media Planning ✅  Social Media Posting & Scheduling ✅ 

Social Media Content Creation ✅ Social Media Paid Advertising ✅ 

Author Giveaways ✅  Amazon hosted Giveaways Book Reviews & Influencer Sourcing ✅ 

I’ve had the luck of working with Laura for the last five months or so and planning on working with her for fifty-five more. Working with her is an absolute delight. As a writer, I couldn’t be happier with her vision, approach, and strategy. I can’t thank her enough for helping me promote my work while taking it to the next level.
— Bruno A.Ribeiro

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