Marketing for Shopify hosted online retail

Blue Paradise Swimwear - E-Commerce Store

When Blue Paradise Swimwear opened their online store, they tasked That British Chick Marketing Agency with creating a cohesive on page experience for their drop shipping brand Blue Paradise Swimwear.

Through our digital marketing work we were able to achieve a cohesive

online, on page experience for Blue Paradise customers.

  • Simple, accurate, on page search engine optimized product descriptions.

  • Promotion & Banner Advertising Strategy

  • Product and collection grouping to support user experience



Alexa - Leopard Print Bikini

Regular price $29.99

Sporty, modern and wild, the Alexa Leopard print bikini gives sexy Bond Girl Vibes.

  • Two pieces

  • High leg cut

  • Scoop neck

  • Machine wash

  • Nylon/spandex/cotton/acrylic

Banner Advertising Shopify

Banner Advertising Shopify

Shopify Marketing Collection Creation

Shopify Marketing Collection Creation

What is Shopify?

  • Shopify is a third party software platform used for selling product online.